However, when designing our membrane switches, we operate within these standard specifications.

Dyna-Graphics can produce custom membrane switch panels with embedded LEDs depending on your need for backlighting or front panel illumination. Depending on your requirements and wishes and the type of print motif, our membrane keypads are manufactured using screen or digital processes. In accordance with the points mentioned below, and in coordination with you, we select the printing process which is most suitable for your membrane keypad. The Profiline series consists of innovative membrane keypads which satisfy haptically and ergonomically the highest demands.

This is also true of keypads for use in domestic utilities like blenders and other food preparation equipment. The bottom layer of the keypad is fitted with circuitry that is connected to the rest of the electronic device. Above this layer is an electrical insulator, and above that layer is the membrane on which the symbols are printed. On the lower side of the membrane are conductive materials, which, when forced into contact with the bottom circuitry layer, complete an electrical circuit and send a signal. Some configurations also feature a layer of plastic or metal domes beneath the membrane.

Moreover, we have also guided you to select ideal services from good keypad manufacturers. Your selected manufacturers must have capability to provide you most complete and best line of high-tech printed components. Membrane keypad manufacturers have used this film as it has great power to resist any type of liquid and moisture. It often happens that you accidently drop coffee, tea, juices or some other liquids on your membrane keypads. Modern membrane keypads have ability to provide best protection from all kinds of chemical and moisture.

But they are also a perfect fit for medical equipment or communication devices, as they are easily adaptable to new technologies. Our K-motion membrane switch keypads feature conductive silver pad areas separated by screened dielectric spacers. This design is ideal for environments where low actuation forces are needed. Designed for superior durability, these membrane switches show no damage after actuation testing of 5 million cycles with 10 mil Velvet Lexan overlay. Moisture can easily damage membrane switch keypad devices and cause costly shortages or malfunctions. We provide membrane switches designed explicitly for outdoor use and applications in harsh environments.

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You dream of how it will change the market or maybe you’re creating a brand new market. But when it comes to executing the product, you’ve realized you need some help. Our expertise in building user-interfaces able to thrive in harsh, rugged and abusive environments, especially industrial or outdoor environments.. Kingley Tech based in Taiwan, is specialized in customs electronics parts development and manufacturing over 20 years.

If needed, customers can send RSP their enclosures to assemble the membrane switches for them to prevent damage. In order to create a properly designed membrane switch, RSP is very involved in the development. RSP helps customers develop a membrane switch based on sketches from a napkin, a verbal description or a production tệp tin created by the customer.

We are thankful to tradeindia for giving us a chance to spread our business boundless. We find tradeindia very helpful in online sales and expansion of our customer base. The digit is replaced with the letter X when insufficient data has been gathered to assign a protection level. The SCHURTER equipment connector line comprises a wide variety of connectors acc.. Membrane switches are an economical alternative to conventional mechanical switches.


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